NS3: Some Important Commands to Remember.

1. Run program:
./waf --run <program-name>

2. Feed command line arguments:
./waf --run <program-name> --command-template="%s <args>"
./waf --run '<program -name> --arg1=value1 --arg2=value2 --arg3=value3...'

3. Logging:
NS_LOG_FUNCTION: in member functions.
NS_LOG_FUNCTION_NOARGS: in static functions.

The following code sets the log level and the prefix:
$export 'NS_LOG = UdpEchoServerApplication = level_all|prefix_func|prefix_time : UdpEchoClientApplication = level_all|prefix_func|prefix_time'

The following code cancels the parameter:
$export NS_LOG=

4. Attributes:
$./waf --run "scratch/program-name --printHelp"
$./waf --run "scratch/program-name --printGroup"


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