Trade War Debate on FOX Business: Trish Regan talks trade with CGTN’s Liu Xin

I'm going to provide link here, and post the transcript of their talk in case the video does not work in somewhere.

Trish: Good night, I have special guest joining me all the way from Beijing, China, to discuss the challenge of trade between the US and her home country. She is the host of Prime Time English language television program overseen by the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party. Though she and I may not agree on everything, I believe this is actually a really unique opportunity. An opportunity to hear a very different view. As these trade negotiations stall out, it's helpful to now  how the Chinese Communist Party is thinking about trade and about the United States. Now, in the interest of transparency, I should explain that I don't speak for anyone but myself, as the host of a Fox Business show. My Guest, however, is part of the CCP. and that's fine. As I said, I welcome different perspectives on this show. With all that in mind, I'm very pleased tonight to welcome Ms. Liu Xin, host of Prim Time Opinion Program, the Point with Liu Xin to Trish Regan Prime Time. And just quickly to viewers, please bear with us as we have a significant time delay in our satellites between Beijing and the US. And because of that, we're going to do our very best not to speak over each other, but, Xin, Welcome. It's good to have you here.

Xin: Thank you, Trish, for having me. It's a great opportunity for me, I'm unprecedented. I never dreamed that I would have this kind of opportunity to speak to you and to speak to many audiences, and ordinary households in the United States. Continue reading Trade War Debate on FOX Business: Trish Regan talks trade with CGTN’s Liu Xin